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Latest Travel updates

AB11 Hotel Swimming Pool Construction Plan for 2021

Even before I owned the AB11 hotel, I wanted somewhere close by to swim. I’ve always wanted a commercial pool built in the back of the bed-and-breakfast my wife and I bought over twenty years ago. It would be something for us and the hotel guests to swim around in and cool off in the summer during their stay.  Once we finally got the money saved up and began to seriously think about starting pool construction, we realized we had a mammoth-sized problem.  The back of the property was an irregular shape and to make matters worse, there were two oak trees we couldn’t cut down because they were historical landmarks.  Our hearts sank.  Would we EVER get a swimming pool? I didn’t care whether it was oval-shaped, a circle, an infinity pool design, or something custom, as long as I could take a dip and the AB11 Townhouse guests could too. I began to scour the internet looking for commercial swimming pool companies, and my wife requested a free estimate from a commercial pool builder nearby who had shared 7 great pool designs with us. I never realized there were so many shapes and sizes available in commercial pool designs.  There are many materials to choose from to construct them out of too. We went over all the details and voiced our favorite options, bracing for an estimate.  When the designer told me the approximate price, I was blown away.  It was so much less than I had expected.  “We could have done this years ago,” I told my wife.  “Better late than never,” she laughed.  Because we thought it would cost so much more, we had missed out on precious time in the pool.  Now, we are making up for lost time and our bed and breakfast guests are having a splash too!

New Fence Construction

Over the past year, the AB11 Hotel has gone through numerous renovations. We’ve added a entirely new wing to the property with 30 new rooms, a large indoor swimming pool, an outdoor spa, and a new visitor lobby area with ample seating. The last item on the list of renovations is the fence on the outside of the property. The PVC fencing that lines the AB11 Hotel is 3,596 feet in length and 4 feet high. It originally served as a barrier against animals, but it’s been worn down over the past few years. The fence has holes in it and it’s also ugly to look at. The AB11 Hotel aims to be the pinnacle of class and prestige, so it needs to find an experienced contractor to install new fencing. They hired Queens Fence Company for wood fence installation on www.queensfencecompany.com and begin construction next week. The new fence will be a wooden composite material with a cherry-colored stain. The fence will be the same length and 7 feet high. In addition to being attractive this time around, the wooden slats are high enough to create a privacy barrier so that guests inside can’t see out and outside parties can’t see in. After the wooden fence is built, a custom, two-way gate will be put in to set entry requirements for the property. AB11 Hotel guests will receive RFID key-cards that allow for entrance into and out the of the hotel.

Cuisine Options for Guests

The AB11 Hotel cooks a huge array of dishes for ours guests from all different cuisine styles like Asian, Mexican, American, Greek, and more. Instead of ordering take out food, our customers can stay at the hotel and enjoy a fancy meal prepared by the top chefs in the area. Our hotel restaurant is highly rated and has a couple hundred great reviews on Yelp and the Open Table app, so you can be sure we have great tasting food.

Our commercial kitchen is where the heavy cooking takes place. When the kitchen staff is making greasier foods and cooking with flames, grease residue gets into the air and starts sticking to the inside of the vent hood. To minimize the fire risk, we pay for restaurant hood cleaning services to remove the grease from the commercial hoods and exhaust vents. Professional hood cleaners stop in quarterly to do a thorough review of our kitchen area to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff. In addition to the review, their hood cleaning company sprays all kitchen hoods, vents, and filters with a chemical cleaning solution that easily removes all greasy residues. After sanitizing everything, the hood cleaner will refill the fire extinguisher and provide a report of our progress. The health inspector stops by randomly for inspections, so we always make sure that we’re keeping our hotel in line with the local laws and regulations. We’ve heard way too many stories of hotels and motels getting shut down for violating health code standards. We have also seen restaurants burn down from not cleaning the grease off their hood vents.  We would pay the kitchen staff to do it, but we believe it’s safer for our staff and hotel guests to simply pay a professional to clean them instead. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a fancy meal on us.

Toothsome Reasons to Travel Now


With the winter approaching and cold air encompassing us, these cool breeze ushers along with its arrival innovative ideas by hotels across the globe.

Hotels have come up with impressive means to bestow guests with appetizing food and drinks, at the same time, taking into account social distancing.

Your taste buds will be satiated right from the heated igloos, clandestine room service menus to culinary voyages from London to Los Cabos.

A Penchant for Fondue

The Ocean House brings into life the Swiss cuisine into the mystic coastal land of Rhode Island with the genesis of its Veuve Clicquot Fondue Village.

This transformation witnessed vintage gondolas evolving into delectable dining coverts with chandeliers, Swiss and Austrian elegant glassware.


Here you will find yourself invited to a party where you can pamper yourself with a melange of champagne and melted cheese into a private four-course meal.

Your Secret Indulgence in French Pastries

Do you fancy to bear testimony to London hotel’s acclaimed pastries from the celebrated rose-infused patisserie that sells a host of delicacies including walnut financiers, Paris Brest, St Honore and yuzu eclairs.

At the same time, glue your eye to the monumental clock as it discloses the arrival of your favourite delicacies that you are anticipating, and you can emerge triumphant in the line for a freshly baked pain au chocolat.

Discover the Clandestine Gem

Revel in a garden-motivated fare on Conrad Washington DC’s third floor. This marvel is called the Hidden Terrace presents an exquisite menu. However, let your favourite day be Friday and Saturday when you have the luxury of a three-course meal.

Let me give you a gist on the first course which are delicious crudites, cheese, and charcuterie that captures your eye in a three-drawer jewellery box.

Feel Balmy in an Igloo

At the Next Whisky Bar garden at The Watergate Hotel, you can live the reverie of caressing yourself in the heated igloos, deviance from the conventional experience of a freezing igloo; once seated in the armchair, you can dive into a delectable treat of bacon-wrapped scallops, charcuterie, and smoked Gouda arancini.

The Watergate Hotel

However, you can dawn this toothsome escapade by warming yourself with excellent whisky flights.

Relish a Garden Party

Witness the opulence of a tranquil garden into an outdoor restaurant and bar. Suppose you are a person who believes in the principle of simplicity and savouring garden-fresh delicacies.

In that case, you have spinach ravioli and steak Frites, Georgia Peach, a blend of jasmine-infused vodka, peach liqueur, lime, and syrup, while you luxuriate in a stroll among the flowers, hedges, and pool.

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