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Toothsome Reasons to Travel Now


With the winter approaching and cold air encompassing us, these cool breeze ushers along with its arrival innovative ideas by hotels across the globe.

Hotels have come up with impressive means to bestow guests with appetizing food and drinks, at the same time, taking into account social distancing.

Your taste buds will be satiated right from the heated igloos, clandestine room service menus to culinary voyages from London to Los Cabos.

A Penchant for Fondue

The Ocean House brings into life the Swiss cuisine into the mystic coastal land of Rhode Island with the genesis of its Veuve Clicquot Fondue Village.

This transformation witnessed vintage gondolas evolving into delectable dining coverts with chandeliers, Swiss and Austrian elegant glassware.


Here you will find yourself invited to a party where you can pamper yourself with a melange of champagne and melted cheese into a private four-course meal.

Your Secret Indulgence in French Pastries

Do you fancy to bear testimony to London hotel’s acclaimed pastries from the celebrated rose-infused patisserie that sells a host of delicacies including walnut financiers, Paris Brest, St Honore and yuzu eclairs.

At the same time, glue your eye to the monumental clock as it discloses the arrival of your favourite delicacies that you are anticipating, and you can emerge triumphant in the line for a freshly baked pain au chocolat.

Discover the Clandestine Gem

Revel in a garden-motivated fare on Conrad Washington DC’s third floor. This marvel is called the Hidden Terrace presents an exquisite menu. However, let your favourite day be Friday and Saturday when you have the luxury of a three-course meal.

Let me give you a gist on the first course which are delicious crudites, cheese, and charcuterie that captures your eye in a three-drawer jewellery box.

Feel Balmy in an Igloo

At the Next Whisky Bar garden at The Watergate Hotel, you can live the reverie of caressing yourself in the heated igloos, deviance from the conventional experience of a freezing igloo; once seated in the armchair, you can dive into a delectable treat of bacon-wrapped scallops, charcuterie, and smoked Gouda arancini.

The Watergate Hotel

However, you can dawn this toothsome escapade by warming yourself with excellent whisky flights.

Relish a Garden Party

Witness the opulence of a tranquil garden into an outdoor restaurant and bar. Suppose you are a person who believes in the principle of simplicity and savouring garden-fresh delicacies.

In that case, you have spinach ravioli and steak Frites, Georgia Peach, a blend of jasmine-infused vodka, peach liqueur, lime, and syrup, while you luxuriate in a stroll among the flowers, hedges, and pool.

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