Cuisine Options for Guests

The AB11 Hotel cooks a huge array of dishes for ours guests from all different cuisine styles like Asian, Mexican, American, Greek, and more. Instead of ordering take out food, our customers can stay at the hotel and enjoy a fancy meal prepared by the top chefs in the area. Our hotel restaurant is highly rated and has a couple hundred great reviews on Yelp and the Open Table app, so you can be sure we have great tasting food.

Our commercial kitchen is where the heavy cooking takes place. When the kitchen staff is making greasier foods and cooking with flames, grease residue gets into the air and starts sticking to the inside of the vent hood. To minimize the fire risk, we pay for restaurant hood cleaning services to remove the grease from the commercial hoods and exhaust vents. Professional hood cleaners stop in quarterly to do a thorough review of our kitchen area to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff. In addition to the review, their hood cleaning company sprays all kitchen hoods, vents, and filters with a chemical cleaning solution that easily removes all greasy residues. After sanitizing everything, the hood cleaner will refill the fire extinguisher and provide a report of our progress. The health inspector stops by randomly for inspections, so we always make sure that we’re keeping our hotel in line with the local laws and regulations. We’ve heard way too many stories of hotels and motels getting shut down for violating health code standards. We have also seen restaurants burn down from not cleaning the grease off their hood vents.  We would pay the kitchen staff to do it, but we believe it’s safer for our staff and hotel guests to simply pay a professional to clean them instead. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a fancy meal on us.

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