AB11 Hotel Swimming Pool Construction Plan for 2021

Even before I owned the AB11 hotel, I wanted somewhere close by to swim. I’ve always wanted a commercial pool built in the back of the bed-and-breakfast my wife and I bought over twenty years ago. It would be something for us and the hotel guests to swim around in and cool off in the summer during their stay.  Once we finally got the money saved up and began to seriously think about starting pool construction, we realized we had a mammoth-sized problem.  The back of the property was an irregular shape and to make matters worse, there were two oak trees we couldn’t cut down because they were historical landmarks.  Our hearts sank.  Would we EVER get a swimming pool? I didn’t care whether it was oval-shaped, a circle, an infinity pool design, or something custom, as long as I could take a dip and the AB11 Townhouse guests could too. I began to scour the internet looking for commercial swimming pool companies, and my wife requested a free estimate from a commercial pool builder nearby who had shared 7 great pool designs with us. I never realized there were so many shapes and sizes available in commercial pool designs.  There are many materials to choose from to construct them out of too. We went over all the details and voiced our favorite options, bracing for an estimate.  When the designer told me the approximate price, I was blown away.  It was so much less than I had expected.  “We could have done this years ago,” I told my wife.  “Better late than never,” she laughed.  Because we thought it would cost so much more, we had missed out on precious time in the pool.  Now, we are making up for lost time and our bed and breakfast guests are having a splash too!

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