New Fence Construction

Over the past year, the AB11 Hotel has gone through numerous renovations. We’ve added a entirely new wing to the property with 30 new rooms, a large indoor swimming pool, an outdoor spa, and a new visitor lobby area with ample seating. The last item on the list of renovations is the fence on the outside of the property. The PVC fencing that lines the AB11 Hotel is 3,596 feet in length and 4 feet high. It originally served as a barrier against animals, but it’s been worn down over the past few years. The fence has holes in it and it’s also ugly to look at. The AB11 Hotel aims to be the pinnacle of class and prestige, so it needs to find an experienced contractor to install new fencing. They hired Queens Fence Company for wood fence installation on and begin construction next week. The new fence will be a wooden composite material with a cherry-colored stain. The fence will be the same length and 7 feet high. In addition to being attractive this time around, the wooden slats are high enough to create a privacy barrier so that guests inside can’t see out and outside parties can’t see in. After the wooden fence is built, a custom, two-way gate will be put in to set entry requirements for the property. AB11 Hotel guests will receive RFID key-cards that allow for entrance into and out the of the hotel.

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